About Me


My name Robin VanGilder (he/him), and I've lived in Seattle all my life, discounting a couple of sojourns in Bellingham and Ellensburg.

I live in the lovely little neighborhood of West Seattle, being the part of the city that is across the Duwamish River from downtown. It's a very quiet area, not quite rural or suburban, but near enough. I love living in the pacific northwest, and never really desire to move away, at least not too far.

Politically, I'm something of a middling leftist, which is to say not an anarchist. I'm not an activist or anything, mostly just keep it to myself and make a few donations here and there.

I enjoy working on UI projects, as well as developing mostly with PHP. This whole website was made with PHP, except for a few of the nav buttons. Currently, I'm working on learning React, which is a newfangled form of Javascript that is basically just PHP again!


I enjoy playing video games, listening to podcasts, and reading books. I spend far too much time online on social media, usually while doing other things.

Video Games

I've been playing video games my whole life. I particularly love RPGs, especially JRPGs and the modern souls-like subgenre. I also enjoy vanishingly rare first-person dungeon crawlers, along the lines of Etrian Odyssey.

In recent months, I've been enjoying Nioh 2, Octopath Traveler, Yakuza 4, and Final Fantasy XIV. I have over 1700 hours played in Spelunky, it's my go-to for killing a few minutes or winding down after a long work session.

If you play FFXIV, you can look me up! I'm Cynefrith Oakstave on Lamia.


My taste in games in recent years has been driven by my podcast-listening habits. I need something that isn't too narrative-focused or involved, because I am definitely going to be splitting my attention when I sit down to play.

I mostly listen to comedy shows, with some other information or role-playing stuff mixed in there. Some of my favorites are the movie podcasts Scream Scene and Blank Check. They both take a systematic approach, the former reviewing every horror movie in chronological order, and the latter reviewing every film of different directors, organized into miniseries.

Some other favorites are Shrieking Shack, Apocrypals, and Friends at the Table.


I used to be more of a reader than I am now, mostly due to the fact that I no longer have a job that sees me sitting around waiting for customers, nor do I have a length morning and evening commute. But I still do a bit here and there.

For the most part, I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, along with a heaping helping of Victorian literature. My favorite book is Moby-Dick; or, the Whale, which I've read a good five or six times, it's hard to keep track. I even wrote a blog covering every chapter of it, though it's not quite finised yet.

I'm also a big fan of the Discworld series, and have read every one of those at least twice. Well, okay, maybe not the first two.

Social Media

I am active on several social media sites. Be forewarned: these aren't like professional accounts (except LinkedIn, obvs).

  • Tumblr: My personal favorite, very relaxed and chill, basically nothing but reblogs of fun and interesting content.
  • Twitter: The hellsite that everyone has to engage with these days. I do occasionally post things, but again, mostly RTs.
  • Wordpress: My ever-neglected blog. I go on here and write some stuff every now and then. Has my more serious writing projects and long-form work.
  • LinkedIn: This is where to go if you want to connect professionally or hire me or what-have-you.