Robin VanGilder: Web Design & Development


My name is Robin VanGilder, I'm a freelance web desginer and frontend developer.

I used to work at the Pike Place Market, selling painting at a craft stall, but I've been working on changing careers in the past couple years, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic. I live in Seattle, and have found a passion for UI/UX work, as well as general web development, though mostly on the front end. I'm not an expert programmer, but I know my way around some JavaScript and PHP.

If you're interested in hiring me, take a look at my resume and portfolio pages!

You can also find me on LinkedIn!

About This Website

I built this entire website on my own, using the knowledge I've gained from my classes. It has a fully custom-built content management system, with a secret login page that you will never find!

Many modern web development techniques went into the construction of the site. I used Sass, jQuery, Node, webpack, and more! I am constantly working on learning new frameworks and techniques, polishing my development skills.

The career training program I took was mostly focused on web design, so I have taken it upon myself to learn these more advanced development tools.

On the design side of things, I created all of the assets on this site, including the page headers, which are photos processed with PixaTool. For the aesthetic of the site, I have endeavored to keep it limited to a specific palette, including those headers, giving it a distinct, old-fashioned feel. In particular, I was inspired by the UI design of old PC-98 games.