My Past Work

A red still from the anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Here is a portfolio, containing a selection of the work I've done in the past.

As I am still a student, it is heavily biased towards school work. That work is organized by class, and also give dates for approximately when I took each class.

Of course, my best portfolio piece thus far is this very website!

Case Study: SeattleArtist.org

I have written up a case study for one of my freelance projects, a website I made for an artist I worked for at the Pike Place Market.

You can read the study in this google document, for easy of portability and reading.

Typography for the Web

This class was all about learning to use Adobe Illustrator. We did various tutorials out of an official book, and also incidentally learned a bit about typography and what good fonts look like. It has been extremely useful for making logos and website mock-ups.

  • Color Harmony Exercises: Some basic color swatches, put together using tools in Illustrator.
  • Beige Moth Logo: A logo I made for my blog, which I didn't actually end up using. Still, it was fun to make.
  • Resume: A resume made using Illustrator. So much easier to work with than Word.
  • Goals Poster: A poster listing off my aspirational goals. Also used Photoshop to make the background for this one.

Graphics for the Web

This was a class on using Photoshop, with a weird, vague name. It was very interesting, I learned all sorts of different tricks for manipulating photos and creating new art from scratch. I've used these skills extensively since then in my other projects, especially this very website!

For this class, we did various tutorials throughout, but then had a big final project where we had to make 50 images based on a few prompts. I'm just going to link to a handful of those. Enjoy!

Web Authoring III

A more advanced web development class that I took in spring quarter 2020. This one was taught by a working web developer from Microsoft who occasionally teaches at SCC. It was very interesting, but also a bit overwhelming, I'm still piecing together a lot of the things we were taught in this one. It has really improved my whole process though. I can't imagine developing anything without SCSS or webpack now!

All of these were built as web apps through Microsoft Azure services, so they may take a while to load.

  • Assignment 1: A basic little bio site, basically just to show how much we already knew.
  • Assignment 2: Introducing some basic Sass concepts, like mixins and imports.
  • Assignment 3: A navigation bar built to specification. I did my own JavaScript for this one!
  • Final Project: The final project involved a lot of advanced concepts that I'm still figuring out, like webpack and injecting content to and from a CMS API.

Moby-Dick; or, the Blog

For the past couple years, I've been working on a series of posts summarizing, reflecting, and analyzing every single chapter of Moby Dick. It's one of my favorite books, which I've read many times, so it's a lot of fun to go back and look at it more closely.

You can find a page organizing the whole project on my blog over here. I'll link to a few posts I think are particularly good.